Research and development

We want to maintain a high pace of innovative changes without losing contact with our competitors. These are the main priorities of STATON Ltd in the area of research and development, which are focused on coating machines and the development of new types of coat.

PVD technologies – coating at low temperatures (starting at about 160 – 180 °C) thanks to highly ionized plasma extend the possibilities of coating metal materials into new areas. In addition, the permanent and ever accelerating progress of nanotechnologies has a supporting effect on innovations concerning materials and surface treatments

The slogan of our time is not to rest on one’s laurels. Therefore, we at STATON are striving to develop cooperation with universities and research institutes. In addition, we are engaging in our own research activities and support research and development. For example, we do this by setting up a branch office of the Comenius University within the premises of STATON Ltd in Turany. This new branch should be completed and commissioned in 2013.

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