Technology of sharpening

It was a very long ago, when the tools were ground on simple disk sanders. At the present, the technology of sharpening and regrinding the tools is equally sophisticated process as the production of complex engineering part.


STATON company sharpens and produces cutting tools as monolithic of sintered carbides (HM) and high-speed steels (HSS). The tools are ground on 5-axes CNC grinding machines from WALTER, series Helitronick Power and Helitronick Power Production.

We sharpen the following tool types:

  • Drills 2- and 3-lipped, all geometries
  • Gun-boring drills
  • Spot-drills
  • Milling cutters roughing and finishing
  • Spherical end milling cutters
  • Ball and toroid milling cutters
  • Copying and engraving milling cutters
  • Arbor-type and disk milling cutters
  • Gear tooth and hobbing milling cutters
  • Reamers and roughing reamers
  • Screw-taps direct or spiral
  • Slotting wheels