Metal-working tools

Metalworking tools, action 2012

In accordance with customer requirements we manufacture a special hard-metal milling cutters:   



  • short and long in lengths l1 and l2, and diameters d1 and d2
  • with different helix leads
  • with Weldon on shank
  • with relief grindings
  • with 2, 3, 4 and more teeth.



We produce monolithic hard-metal drills 2- and 3-edge,

  • stepped drills for drilling under thread and special stepped drills
  • drills with internal cooling
  • we modify individual dimensions and angles in accordance with customer’s requirements.


According to the shape of machined part we would grind out a special milling or drilling tool with profiled geometry.







The design of new tools is realized in 3D simulation program Cyber Grinding and ToolStudio